12+ Top blog directories you should submit your blog to

Submitting your blog to directories is very important for SEO. When you are adding your blog/URL to a directory, it means you are creating backlinks to your blog. There are other ways too to increase backlinks such as making reciprocal links with other blogs or websites and commenting on other blogs.

But the most easiest and effective way of getting free quality backlinks from websites with higher Google page rank is by submitting your blog to Blog Directories. I am sure that you will get more visitors and traffic to your site by doing this.

So, here is a list of top blog directories  that you should submit your blog to.( with their Google PageRank ).

1. Technorati (PR 8)

2. Globeofblogs( PR 7)

3. Blogcatalog (PR 7)

4. Bloggernity ( PG 7)

5. Eatonweb( PG 6)

6. Blogged.com ( PG 6)

7. Bloggingfusion ( PG 6)

8. Blogsearchengine ( PG 6)

9. Best of the Weblog Search (PG 6)

10.  Bloghub ( PG 6)

11.Bloggapedia ( PG 6)

12. Blogexplosion ( PG 5)

13. Ontoplist ( PG 5)

So, if you haven’t submitted your blog or website to directories, start doing it now! 🙂

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