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How to change "Newer Posts" and "Older Posts" in Blogger?

Here is a small tutorial about customizing the default Blogger pager link texts, “Newer Posts” and “Older Posts” at the bottom of every page. First, log into Blogger then go to Design > Edit HTML. Tick the “Expand Widgets Templates” checkbox at the top right corner of the code-containing box.  1. To change NEWER POSTS.

Add new fonts to Blogger Blogs with Google Web Fonts

Adding new fonts to Blogger blogs is made possible with Google Font API. You don’t have to know any programming skills to do this; just get a simple HTML code from Google Web Fonts and add it to your Blogger Template. Then refer to the font in a CSS style. Here is an example:- I

How to add Digg vote buttons for each post in Blogger?

Social networking sites are really good resources to generate traffic to our site. And Digg which is one of the top social networking sites in the world is the best place to get a constant traffic to your site. By placing a Digg share buttons, you and your blog readers can share your blog contents

Add Google "Buzz This" and "Buzz it" buttons to your Blogger blog

Recently, Google has launched it’s new social media platform, Buzz. It is an extension to Gmail which enables you to share photos, links, videos, information and more with your contacts. Or simply can be said that Buzz is a mixture of Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, Picasa and many other services. In this simple tutorial, I