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What is Blogger?

As I said in previous post “Why Blog?“, there are many blogging platforms available in net. But, I am choosing “Blogger” to blog. Before creating your blog, let us have a look about Blogger. Blogger was launched in year 1999 by Pyra Labs which is then bought by Google in 2003. Blogger was ranked 16

Why blog?

Blog is a personal diary. It is a collection of  links.It could be a place to make money or it could be a political commentary. It may be more than a website. A place to express thoughts in written form for the world to read. People blog about web design, hobbies, technology, video, music, arts,sports,

What is a blog?

What is a blog? It could be a personal diary of somebody or it could be a place for sharing their views about a matter or who knows it may be a platform for the people to make money. So, lets look at what are other people’s view about it? To write entries in, add