Comparison of two very popular casino blogs

Before playing online at a casino, it advisable to first do your research, in order to determine which casinos are reputable, standardised, and offer you a legal and valuable service. One of the simplest ways in which to determine this value is to read casino blogs posted by bloggers that are experts on the subject.

One of the best blog sites to visit is On this site, online gamblers will find blogs that talk about the best and latest online casinos. New players are also given advice on how to play casino games, with strategies and tips offered on table games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, and craps.

Another great source of information for online gambling is Simon, the owner of the blog, claims to have won more than he has lost when gambling, and to have unique insight and knowledge regarding the best approach to take when playing at an online casino. He says that he has more than 5 years gambling experience, and has played at over 200 online casinos.

Some of the topics on his blog include “Slot machines Vs. traditional casino games: What’s better (and easier)? “Blackjack tips and tricks: How to play like a pro”, and “Mobile online gambling: How to maximise your experience”. The latter subject is very handy in helping to find casinos which offer top mobile gaming, such is the case with Royal Vegas android casino games.

Ultimately, both these blogs are worth visiting, for different reasons. is the more comprehensive of the two, and probably offers more information and relevant news .However, is more dynamic in design and visuals, and give a first-hand account to potential players.

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Top Ten Poker Blogs

Growth Of The Game

Global interest in poker has mushroomed in the last 15 years. Millions now play in casinos, online and at home with friends. The decision to televise poker, as well as the possibilities afforded to the game by the internet, have been the main factors behind this amazing growth. Here’s a selection of ten of the finest poker blogs available online.

Five Great Blogs
Adam “Snoopy” Golding posts at Black Belt Blogs. If you play at all regularly, you’ll recognise his spot-on descriptions of the sheer grind that the life of a poker pro can involve. That just makes the occasional soaring highs all the higher though, right?
More news-orientated are the posts at the Full Tilt Poker blog, by contributors including Peter Nichols. If you’re looking for who’s won what and where, this is a good place to start.

Andrew Feldman’s blog is another excellent news site. Feldman has been at it since 2005. His latest post at the time of writing features all the ranking news you need.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Daniel Negreanu (via Wikipedia)

l Fans of Daniel Negreanu will want to keep tabs on his – somewhat infrequent – postings at Full Contact. Inside stories from the major tournaments are a big draw, and the blog also carries more personal posts from Daniel.

l Randy Lew’s blog carries news of his YouTube videos and light-hearted posts about both the tournaments he enters and more random thoughts. Again, updates are infrequent but amusing.

Five More!

Cardrunners is an excellent blog network that includes several new posts a month. Contributions tend to be advice-based, making this a great stop for anyone who wants to improve their game. Which is basically everybody, isn’t it?

The casino blog at Lucky Nugget is definitely worth a visit for the online poker player who’s interested in industry news and reviews. You might want to check out their video poker while you’re in the area.

If you’re looking for brilliant anecdotes about life at (and away from) the low-stakes tables in Las Vegas, you’ve got to try Rob’s Vegas And Poker Blog. As Rob himself says: “salacious” and “provocative” material may be lurking there…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(via Wikipedia)

Another network stuffed with tips and tricks is Leggo Poker’s blog section. The site also carries more personal posts, and players can start their own blogs here for free.

Finally, Bill Rini’s slick, good-looking blog. It’s been running for 10 years and includes guest posts from players like Carl “The Dean” Sampson. Daniel Negreanu reads it. Maybe you should, too!

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25 BEST jQuery Slider/Image Gallery Plugins and Tutorials

Image and content sliders collectionsjQuery is a free, open-source, lightweight JavaScript library which is designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. jQuery has overpowered the use of Flash in modern web design because of its lesser size, faster load time and isn’t very hard to understand. Lately, a lot of websites are making use of jQuery powered image slide shows/sliders as it is an excellent way to promote their featured posts or images to the readers.
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Carbon 12 | Free Premium Blogger Template

Carbon 12 Blogger TemplateOnce again, I’m here with another free premium Blogger template, Carbon 12. The template was named after the most abundant isotope (12C) of element Carbon. “Carbon 12″ is a template with dark background, right sidebar, and fixed width. It is a fast-loading template which uses no graphics or images (except for the icons). All the effects such as the rounded corners, box shadow,text shadow and more were achieved using CSS3 techniques.


Carbon 12 Blogger Template
Here are some unique features of this template:

  • Fast loading template (tested using only three widgets shown in the demo)
  • Two navigation bars
  • Stylish social share icons at the bottom of post
  • Stylish post header
  • Post image thumbnail

This template is best viewed in CSS3 supporting browsers.

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Dimenzion Free Premium Blogger Template

Dimenzion Blogger TemplateDimenzion is a mini magazine wordpress theme created by I’ve converted it into a blogger template. According to the original author, Dimenzion wordpress theme was designed with dimensional view in mind and combination of yellow tangerine, brown, light teal as color scheme.


Dimenzion Blogger Template


- Feature Posts slider
- Auto posts thumbnail generated
- Auto excerpt posts
- Twitter account button ready
- Popular Social bookmark ready in posts
- Related Post ready ( thanks to )
- 3 column footer
- Custom font for Blog Title

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35+ Excellent CSS and jQuery-based Navigation Menu Tutorials and Techniques Collection

35+ Excellent CSS and jQuery-based Navigation Menu Tutorials and Techniques CollectionNavigation menu is the most vital element in web design. It guides users to navigate around your blog/website and able to find needed information easily.

Here, I’ve made an ultimate collection containing 38 jQuery and CSS navigation menu tutorials and techniques which you can implement into your blog/website. Some of them made up of pure CSS3 without involving any javascripts.
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Symphonic | Free Blogger Template

Symphonic is a unique CSS template by It is a fixed width, right sidebar, purple, clean and simple template which is suitable for personal blogs. Less images are used in this cool template.

Screenshot of the template

Symphonic Blogger Template

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Spanning | Free Blogger Tempate

Spanning is a free lightweight CSS template by I’ve converted it into a blogger template. It is a minimal and fast loading template with no images involved.

Spanning blogger template comes with a gallery where you can show your photos as a slideshow to your blog readers. The gallery is only visible in home page. It is powered by Gallerax (a jQuery plugin by NodeThirtyThree). You’re free to use/modify this template as you wish for anything as long as you link back to our site.

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Blueyo | Free Blogger Template

Blueyo is another free HTML template which was originally designed by Jesper from I’ve converted it into Blogger template.

It is a professional-looking blogger template with right sidebar, ad slots ready, social icons (Twitter, RSS, Subscribe) ready and more. This template is cross-browser compatible.

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Floral Glow | Free Blogger Template

Floral Glow is a free blogger template created by me. It is a 2 columns, abstract, floral, glowing, black, and right sidebar template with custom navigation menu. I’ve used a lot of CSS3 features in this template such as border-radius, transform, box shadow, RGBA colour, transition effects, text shadow and more.

The menu links, sidebar, posts, and comments are leaf-shaped (made with css3) which suit the name of this template, Floral Glow. Use Webkit browsers like Safari and Chrome to view the transition effect of menu links. They glow and zoom in when hovered.

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