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The biggest problem among the bloggers nowadays is Content Theft. Content theft occurs all the time in web.Who knows? At the moment you are reading this post, there maybe somebody trying to steal your contents from you page. So, how to protect your creations from these content thieves? may be the best solution as it provides a free and professional service for the bloggers to protect their contents.

This image below shows how Myfreecopyright protects your contents. captures your original post’s or content’s fingerprint, then it stores the digital fingerprint in it’s database and sends a copy of the Digital fingerprint of your content to you in an email. The email contains the verified date; this verifies the digital creation, and your email address verifies it belongs to you.-Source

They provide us a registration badge which can be placed in our blog or websites. This badge will prove public that your page is protected by MyFreeCopyright and give the content thieves an earlier warning. I’m having it too in footer section of my blog .The badge will look like this:

 So, visit now to start protecting your creations.

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