How to hide blogs in blogger profile?

It is common for us to have more than one blog in Blogger. All those blogs you’ve created will be shown in your Blogger profile. So, how to “hide” the blogs that you don’t want people to see? How to reduce the blogs shown in your profile without deleting them?

Here it is the way which helps you to “hide” unwanted blogs from your profile.

1. Log into Blogger. Now, click on the “Edit Profile” option on the left side of the “Dashboard” page. This will bring you to “Edit User Profile” page.

2. Under the ‘Privacy” section, click on the “Select blogs to display” option. It will open a ” Set Displayed Blogs” page. There, you uncheck the blogs that you want to “hide”. And click “Save Settings“.

Although you can hide those blogs in your profile, they are still accessible by other people who are referring from Search Engines although the chances of it is very low. Follow the next method if you want those blogs not accessible by other people.

Make “hidden” blogs not accessible by people

1. Log into Blogger. In the “Dashboard” page, click on the “Settings” option and this will bring you to a “Settings” page. Then click on “Permissions” option on the tab.

2. Under “Blog Readers” Section, select “Only Blog Authors” option. Then, a new window pops up. Click “Allow Authors Only” to confirm it.

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