A better way to show off images using Lightbox V2 in Blogger

Lightbox is a simple but great script used to show images in your website in such a brilliant way. First of all, I would like to give the credit to creator of this brilliant script, Lokesh Dhakar. You can create an image gallery/album to be shown to your blog readers using this great script. If

Lightbox | Another free blogger theme that I’ve created

Hi guys, previously I’ve released Indexer blogger theme. And today I’m releasing another simple Blogger theme called Lightbox. Instructions on customizing the theme can be found at the bottom of this post. Read also : How to install blogger templates? if you don’t know to change the template. Features 2 column Fixed width Right sidebar

Indexer | Free Blogger Template

Indexer is the first free blogger template that I have created. I hope you all like this template very much. Instructions on customizing this Indexer Blogger Theme can be found inside Readme.txt in the download file. If you have any questions or problems feel free to ask me by dropping a comment below this post

How to submit your Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools?

Submitting your blog’s sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools helps to improve your site’s visibility in Google Search and increase traffic to your site. To get started, all you should have is a Google account. Here, I’ll explain how to add/submit your blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.Follow these steps below:- 1. Sign into Google Webmasters

Easiest way to improve Google ranking of your blog

Do you know that title tags are the most vital elements which are playing a major role to rank high in Google?  Higher page rank= more organic traffic= get more money. I started to realize about this when I saw my blog’s Google Page Rank reached two although for now it is just one and

Add Yahoo smileys/emoticons above Blogger comments form

With this simple hack, your blog readers are now able to use Yahoo smileys/emoticons when they comment on any of your blog posts. I am sure that your readers will really get excited and enjoy using these Yahoo! smileys. This hack will only work if you’ve enabled embedded comment form feature for your blog. This

6 Major blogging mistakes that new bloggers should avoid

In this post, I’m going to list out some major mistakes that many new bloggers should stay away from. It is important to refrain from making these mistakes for you to build a better blog. I admit openly that I made some of these when I was new to “blogging”. It’s always good for you

Easiest way to create a horizontal navigation bar for your blog

Here is a simple way to make a navigation bar for you blog without any blogger hacks. No codes need to be added to your blogger template. You can create a simple navigation bar just by clicking “Add a gadget” function.Sign into Blogger > Layout > Page Element. Below header, click on “Add a gadget”

Cool image opacity/transparency effect on mouseover

In this post, I will show how to create an opacity/transparency effect for an image on mouseover. Rather than using an image without any effects, this would be a better option to show your images in your site especially if you use images as hyperlinks. This is how the normal HTML code for image below

How to add most popular/commented posts widget in Blogger?

Do you want to show the most popular blog posts to your readers? Here is a widget which can be placed anywhere in your blog. This “Most popular posts” widgets is also known as “Most Commented Post” widget. Log into Blogger > Layout >  Page Elements.  Then click “Add a gadget” and select “HTML/Javascript“. Now,