6 Major blogging mistakes that new bloggers should avoid

In this post, I’m going to list out some major mistakes that many new bloggers should stay away from. It is important to refrain from making these mistakes for you to build a better blog. I admit openly that I made some of these when I was new to “blogging”. It’s always good for you to learn from other people mistake as to save all the pain and trouble for not having to go through it.

1. Giving up too early– Patience is the most important thing that every blogger should have. Do you believe it or not, about 80% of bloggers quit blogging because of their impatience. Give some time for your blog to take off.

2. Too many widgets– It is true that your page looks more attractive with widgets. But, too many widgets will slow down your page loading. Your readers who are browsing web with slower connection will get irritated because it will take a longer time to load your page. It is better to remove unimportant widgets.

3.  Running many ads– Yes, I know many bloggers want to make money with their blog (me too). It is true that placing the ads is the best method to make money. However, if your blog has too many advertisements, it will look untidy thus not so professional. The first thing that your readers will think is that you are trying to make money rather than providing them something informative. And that may be their final visit to your blog.

4. Not consistent– This is the most serious matter of all. Many bloggers do not blog on regular basis. If you are a new blogger and just blog once a week, then don’t hope that you’ll get visitors/readers to your blog. Readers usually don’t like to read old posts. So, how often should you blog? If you want to build a better blog, then you should at least 3 or 4 posts per week.

5. It’s a drug– Blogging is addictive. This is true in many bloggers life. We will start to ignore our health, family, friends and even (homeworks/assignments) if you’re a student :-).You are practically glued to with your blogs and hard to live a normal life. You should remember, blogging is something we can do for a long time. It is nothing wrong to have such a great passion towards blogging. However, make sure that your daily routines are not affected because of blogging.

6. Stop arguing with your readers. Every blogger hopes that will get constructing-comments from readers. But, it is normal for some readers to leave “extraordinary” comments after reading our blog posts. I hope that you understand what does “extraordinary” really means in this context. Remember, don’t get into the trouble by replying those comments harshly and creating a bad reputation about yourself to other readers.

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