Add Google "Buzz This" and "Buzz it" buttons to your Blogger blog

Recently, Google has launched it’s new social media platform, Buzz. It is an extension to Gmail which enables you to share photos, links, videos, information and more with your contacts. Or simply can be said that Buzz is a mixture of Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, Picasa and many other services. In this simple tutorial, I

Early Morning Theme | A WordPress theme converted to Blogger

Today, I am releasing Early Morning Theme converted from wordpress to blogger. This is my first wordpress theme to blogger conversion. It is a simple yet elegant theme. Feel free to try it. { Live Demo } | { Download Here } { Customizing Early Morning Theme } 1. Navigation bar <div id=’nav’><ul><li><a expr:href=’data:blog.homepageUrl’ title=’Home’>Home</a></li><li><a

Best Collection of Grunge-style Free Blogger XML Templates

This is a collection of best grunge-style XML blogger template that you shouldn’t miss. Have a look at these wonderful free blogger themes and choose the best blogger theme which suits you and your blog. 1. Marino 02 Free Blogger Template | Demo | Download 2. Disorganized Free Blogger Template | Demo | Download 3.

Proven ways to get more traffic to your site and blog : Part 2

This is second part of my previous post, “Proven ways to get more traffic to your site and blog Part:1“. 8. Exchange links with other sites. Link exchange is one of the best strategy for link building. It should be performed in order to get higher rank in search engines. There are three major types

Proven ways to get more traffic to your site and blog : Part 1

Getting traffic to a site is more harder than creating or maintaining a site/blog. But, if we know the proper techniques and methods, getting constant traffic to your site/blog is made easy. Personally, I’ve tried a lot of ways before to improve traffic to my previous blog. But, not all were useful. But, later by

5 Cool Translation Widgets for your blog

If your blog gets visitors from all over the world, then it is better to place a translation widget. So that, they will stay longer in your page and they may visit your blog again. Here is a collection 5 cool translation widgets for your blog. 1. Google Translation Widget <div id=”google_translate_element”></div><script><br /> function googleTranslateElementInit()

A great collection of Twitter Retweet Buttons for websites

Usage of Retweet button in blogs/website by bloggers is quite famous nowadays. This is to encourage their blog readers to retweet their content/posts on Twitter. As Twitter is being world’s second most famous social networking site after Facebook , no wonder if Bloggers all over the world are implementing Twitter based apps into their sites.

12+ Top blog directories you should submit your blog to

Submitting your blog to directories is very important for SEO. When you are adding your blog/URL to a directory, it means you are creating backlinks to your blog. There are other ways too to increase backlinks such as making reciprocal links with other blogs or websites and commenting on other blogs.But the most easiest and