Proven ways to get more traffic to your site and blog : Part 2

how to increase website trafficThis is second part of my previous post, “Proven ways to get more traffic to your site and blog Part:1“.

8. Exchange links with other sites. Link exchange is one of the best strategy for link building. It should be performed in order to get higher rank in search engines. There are three major types of  link exchange.

  • One-way links– links which are pointing to our site from others and not linked back to them from your site. The easiest way to get one-way links is by submitting your blog to blog directories, social bookmarking sites, social networking sites and etc.
  • Reciprocal links– two way links between two sites. A will point to B and B will point back to A. But, it is important to consider the page rank of the site that you wish to be linked from. Page Rank is the value that Google gives to a website based on the significance of a site which is determined by the number of incoming links to that site. If you have a link pointing from high page ranked website, the more quality is that link, helps your rank higher in search engine.
  • Three way links– Triangular link is where A point to B and C. B point to A and B . And so on. This is much better way than reciprocal links. Because, more the links to your site, higher search engine ranking.

9. Writing guest posts– I would say “Yes” to this strategy. Writing guest posts in famous blogs/websites that has same niche as yours for sure will increase visitors to your site. How? When you post an article on someone’s blog, they will sure give you permission to leave a link to your site. You got a quality backlink from another website. And if the owner of that famous blog trusts you to post great articles in his/her site, he may be welcoming you to be a friend. Getting attention from great bloggers for sure will lead to a flood of traffic to your site. Imagine your blog been reviewed in his/her blog.

10. Using alt for images– This is another way to be listed in Google Images Search. Not just web search could bring traffic, but images search also can do it. Even double traffic than web search. When you upload any images to your blog, fill in the attribute alternate with best keyword to represent your post. It looks like this alt=”best keyword”. When googlebot crawling your site, it will certainly pickup this image to it’s images search.

11. Table of contents page– When you are free, create a table of contents page. This is actually similar like showing your sitemap to visitors. And categorize you posts accordingly and create hyperlink the title of posts and link to the posts. Although this looks like Blogger Archives feature, it is certainly not same as it. This a method of increasing interlinks. When googlebot crawls your site, it will certainly go through these links. And you can encourage your visitors to read other posts also by creating a table of contents page thus increasing pageviews.

12. Contests and giveaways– Here is a great “real world” marketing technique applied here in blogging world. This is a way of maintaining and creating a strong relationship with readers who are visiting to your site without loosing them. World’s Great websites/blogs like Mashable, ShoeMoney, Problogger and etc always do this. This doesn’t mean that you should spend money or give “real” prizes to your visitors. You can also use different ways like giving them a permanent backlink from your site or a review about their site and more. Be creative.

13.Keyword in contents and post title– Many new bloggers do not realize about this. Even if they can post great articles in their blog or website but without any keywords in their content or post title,  it is really a great loss/failure. Every keyword in your article is an asset. Keywords are the essentials to be indexed in Search Engines. Once you’ve created a post or article,don’t publish it immediately. Visit keyword suggestion tools, try to get good keywords and try to include them in your article. Increase the frequency of repetition of the selected keywords in your article. This technique is also can used to increase CPC of google adsense ads shown in your post.

14. Blogger Templates. If you have knowledge of HTML, XHTML, CSS codes, Photoshop or any image editing services, just go on. Create blogger templates. Distribute it for free to your blog readers and submit it to famous blogger template resource sites like btemplates, allblogtools and more. When other people use your template, a permanent backlink pointing to your site will be displayed in their blog. Visitors to their site will also visit your site if they are interested with that theme. They will read your other posts too when visiting your blog. This is my personal secret technique( which I revealed today…not a secret anymore) which is giving me a lot of traffic everyday. 200% true…..

I hope this article and my the previous article helped you, even gave a little inspiration or knowledge on increasing traffic to your site. But, you should put a lot of effort , use your creativity and skills to increase traffic to your website.

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