Blogger in Draft , a must-visit site

Blogger in Draft. There is only a word to describe it, WOW. Did you ever heard about Blogger in Draft. Well, try to guess what are the uses of it. If you can’t, let me give some clues. You can try out the new features, functionality, and interfaces of Blogger at there. Features on Blogger

How to embed a video in your post?

 Follow these simple instructions below to embed a video in your blog post. 1. Go to your Create New Post page.    2. Click on the Edit HTML button above the New Post Editor. 3. Paste the code of the video that you want to embed in your post at the white space. For example,

How to add a video in your post?

‘Upload video feature’ is not available in the new post editor of Blogger. Thus, all you have to do is switch back to old post editor or using Blogger in Draft. To switch back to old post editor, go to Settings|Basic. Then, scroll down until you see a select post editor option and select old

How to add a image in your post?

1. Go to Create New Post page. 2. Click on the Insert Image button on the Post Editor toolbar. 3. A new window appears prompting you to upload image from your computer. 4. If you hosted the image at other website such as Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, Imageshack or Tinypic, use “Add image from Web” option.

How to enable New Post Editor?

This is how the old post editor looks. Follow these simple steps below to enable the new post editor. 1. From the dashboard, go to your blog’s Settings tab. 2. It will automatically open the Settings| Basic page. 3. Scroll down to Global Settings. 4. You will see a field Select post editor and then select Updated

How to write a post?

Here is a simple guide on how to create a post for your blog. Once your signed in, you will see a list of blogs that you own at the Dashboard. 1. Click on the NEW POST BUTTON. 2. A Create New Post page will open. Start typing your post by giving it a title

How to start a blog?

1. Get a Google account here. 2.Go to Blogger home page. Click on “Create A Blog”.   3. Create a Blogger account 4. Name your blog. 5. Choose a template for your blog. The blogger is just providing us simple blogger templates. It can be customized later. So, don’t worry about the simple design of it.

What is Blogger?

As I said in previous post “Why Blog?“, there are many blogging platforms available in net. But, I am choosing “Blogger” to blog. Before creating your blog, let us have a look about Blogger. Blogger was launched in year 1999 by Pyra Labs which is then bought by Google in 2003. Blogger was ranked 16

Why blog?

Blog is a personal diary. It is a collection of  links.It could be a place to make money or it could be a political commentary. It may be more than a website. A place to express thoughts in written form for the world to read. People blog about web design, hobbies, technology, video, music, arts,sports,

What is a blog?

What is a blog? It could be a personal diary of somebody or it could be a place for sharing their views about a matter or who knows it may be a platform for the people to make money. So, lets look at what are other people’s view about it? To write entries in, add