CSS3 tutorials starting this week

I have no words to describe how am I amazed with CSS3. CSS3 definitely has revolutionized the designing world. With CSS3, we can create brilliant web effects without using images, Javascripts and also Flash for them. For example: rounded corners, box shadows, text shadow, Web fonts, gradients, RGBA, rotate, skew, animations, multi-column layout and a lot more.

CSS3 Effects

CSS3 is still under development and only supported by latest version of browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Unfortunately, it is not supported in IE yet. But, this is not a big deal as most of the internet users are shifting from IE to other browsers.

CSS3 Cheat Sheets

Starting this week, I will be posting tutorials about some of the CSS3 effects which I know and usually use in my Blogger Templates with you. You can download the CSS3 cheat sheets which would be really useful when following my tutorials.

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