How to change "Newer Posts" and "Older Posts" in Blogger?

Here is a small tutorial about customizing the default Blogger pager link texts, “Newer Posts” and “Older Posts” at the bottom of every page. First, log into Blogger then go to Design > Edit HTML. Tick the “Expand Widgets Templates” checkbox at the top right corner of the code-containing box.

 1. To change NEWER POSTS.

Search for <data:newerPageTitle/> using CTRL+F. This <data:newerPageTitle/>  tag is used to name the button which links to the Newer Posts. To modify the text, just delete this tag and write what you want.

2. To change the OLDER POSTS .

Search for <data:olderPageTitle/>  and replace it with the text with you want to appear.

3. To change the HOME text. 

Search for <data:homeMsg/> and replace the tag with the desired text.


If you want to show images/icons instead of text, all you have to do is just replace the tags highlighted above with the images.

<img alt=’…’ border=’0′ src=’…’/>

Thousands of these icons are available on net. Simply google for them. The final result will look like this.

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  1. Nice tutorial bro. Maybe if you add how to change older post with image more usefull

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