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15 most popular Blogger widgets that you shouldn’t miss

Widgets are becoming a popular and pervasive part of the blogosphere. It can be said that “no widgets, no blogging“. I’ve managed to search for the best and popular widgets that are being used by majority of bloggers. Finally, I came up with a compilation of 15 most popular blogger widgets.

Collection of free shoutbox widgets for your Blogger blog

Here is a collection of shoutbox widgets for Blogger powered blogs. What is shout box? A shoutbox, which is also known as a guestbook, tagboard, chatbox, saybox, or a chatterbox is a communication platform which allows your visitors to leave messages for you and you can leave message for them in your blog/website, like a

5 Cool Translation Widgets for your blog

If your blog gets visitors from all over the world, then it is better to place a translation widget. So that, they will stay longer in your page and they may visit your blog again. Here is a collection 5 cool translation widgets for your blog. 1. Google Translation Widget <div id=”google_translate_element”></div><script><br /> function googleTranslateElementInit()

A great collection of Twitter Retweet Buttons for websites

Usage of Retweet button in blogs/website by bloggers is quite famous nowadays. This is to encourage their blog readers to retweet their content/posts on Twitter. As Twitter is being world’s second most famous social networking site after Facebook , no wonder if Bloggers all over the world are implementing Twitter based apps into their sites.

20 Beautiful Google Page Rank display buttons for your blog

Now you can share Google Page Rank of your blog/site with your blog readers using these beautiful display buttons. Its very easy to install this simple widget. All you have to do is just choose one of the PageRank designs from the list below, grab the HTML code and paste it into your blog. <a

A better way to show off images using Lightbox V2 in Blogger

Lightbox is a simple but great script used to show images in your website in such a brilliant way. First of all, I would like to give the credit to creator of this brilliant script, Lokesh Dhakar. You can create an image gallery/album to be shown to your blog readers using this great script. If

Add Yahoo smileys/emoticons above Blogger comments form

With this simple hack, your blog readers are now able to use Yahoo smileys/emoticons when they comment on any of your blog posts. I am sure that your readers will really get excited and enjoy using these Yahoo! smileys. This hack will only work if you’ve enabled embedded comment form feature for your blog. This

Easiest way to create a horizontal navigation bar for your blog

Here is a simple way to make a navigation bar for you blog without any blogger hacks. No codes need to be added to your blogger template. You can create a simple navigation bar just by clicking “Add a gadget” function.Sign into Blogger > Layout > Page Element. Below header, click on “Add a gadget”

How to add most popular/commented posts widget in Blogger?

Do you want to show the most popular blog posts to your readers? Here is a widget which can be placed anywhere in your blog. This “Most popular posts” widgets is also known as “Most Commented Post” widget. Log into Blogger > Layout >  Page Elements.  Then click “Add a gadget” and select “HTML/Javascript“. Now,