20 Beautiful Google Page Rank display buttons for your blog

Now you can share Google Page Rank of your blog/site with your blog readers using these beautiful display buttons. Its very easy to install this simple widget. All you have to do is just choose one of the PageRank designs from the list below, grab the HTML code and paste it into your blog.

Or visit GoingUp’s website for more cool buttons….

5 Replies to “20 Beautiful Google Page Rank display buttons for your blog”

  1. @Akihiko

    Hahaha!Dude…Those are just images…My blog is now around 2 months old and My pagerank is now only 2. You can look at My "real page rank" at the sidebar…

    I'm keep working to increase my page rank 🙂

  2. Search Ranking = Relevance * PageRank

    more value you will pass to your visitor more better chance that search engine will recommend you by way of top organic listing.

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