15 most popular Blogger widgets that you shouldn’t miss

Widgets are becoming a popular and pervasive part of the blogosphere. It can be said that “no widgets, no blogging“. I’ve managed to search for the best and popular widgets that are being used by majority of bloggers. Finally, I came up with a compilation of 15 most popular blogger widgets.

1. Related posts widget

2. Related posts with thumbnails widget

3. Table of contents widget

4. Recent posts widget

5. Recent posts with thumbnails widget

6. Blog translation widget

7. Blog shoutbox widget

8. Top commentators widget

9. Retweet button

10. Facebook like button

11. Wibiya toolbar widget

12. Google Page Rank widget

13. Numbered page navigation widget

14. Random posts widget

15. Facebook fan page badge widget

10 Replies to “15 most popular Blogger widgets that you shouldn’t miss”

  1. Very nice but my brother ..

    Why does not keep rights ?

    Table of contents widget

    Is the creativity of the person Experienced in JavaScript


    you have unique blog themes

    But you lack the source to make your full

  2. @Khaled, thanks brother for reminding me about that….Sorry, that was my mistake during early days of blogging..but not now anymore.. =)

  3. Good but list but I find that recent posts, share button and twitter updates widgets are some of the only essential widgets a blogger should have.

  4. @Earl, yeah brother. You are right..recent posts, share button, twitter updates are the most basic and essential ones.

    But, a lot blogs that I've visited are using some of other 12 widgets too. And there is high response toward these widgets in the websites that I've linked them to.

    That's why I named this post "most popular widgets". =)

  5. Hi Dhetemplate, I will release my latest blogger template, Revive soon. The package consists of themes of five different colours. Red, Blue, Green, Orange and Pink.

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