Show your blog’s RSS Feed in Facebook profile/ fans page

Yesterday, I was chatting with a friend of mine in Facebook. A question arose from him “Is there any way to connect RSS feed to our Facebook profile?”. Yes, sure we can. By using a Facebook app called “Social RSS”, it is possible to show your blog’s feed in your Facebook Profile/ Fans page. First,

Socialize your feed with Twitter

Twitter is one of the well known social networking and micro-blogging site of the world. According to Alexa’s Top 500 Global Sites rankings, Twitter is now at rank #14. If you are using Feedburner to syndicate your feed, you can easily connect your feed to Twitter. FeedBurner will automatically post updates from your feed to

Show your recents posts in marquee(scrolling text)

Now you can display your recent posts in marquee. I am sure that it is actually a better way to attract your readers to read your other posts. Here is a simple tutorial on how to show your recent posts in marquee. Log into Blogger. On the Dashboard, click on the “Layout” option. This will

Protect your posts with MyFreeCopyright

The biggest problem among the bloggers nowadays is Content Theft. Content theft occurs all the time in web.Who knows? At the moment you are reading this post, there maybe somebody trying to steal your contents from you page. So, how to protect your creations from these content thieves? may be the best solution as

How to hide blogs in blogger profile?

It is common for us to have more than one blog in Blogger. All those blogs you’ve created will be shown in your Blogger profile. So, how to “hide” the blogs that you don’t want people to see? How to reduce the blogs shown in your profile without deleting them? Here it is the way

Add Recent Posts widget in your blog

One of the way to encourage your visitors/readers to read  your posts is by showing off a recent posts widget in your blog. Archives widgets is actually available in Blogger to show your recent and previous posts. But, many bloggers are getting bored with it. In this post, I’ll outline some alternative methods to display

Free image hosting with unlimited bandwidth in Blogger

Many bloggers are struggling to find a reliable and free image hosting with unlimited bandwidth. Now, there is a trick which enables you to host images in Blogger itself. Here is the trick. Step 1:  Log into Blogger Step 2: Click on New Post button on dashboard Step 3: Upload a picture from your computer/URL.

How to remove or hide Blogger navbar?

If you are using Default Blogger Templates, then you may be seen Blogger Navigation Bar on the top of your page. But, nowadays new blogger templates usually come without the navigation bar. So, this tutorial is just for those who are using default blogger templates. Actually, many bloggers( including me) worried whether it is legal

How to add a widget?

Blogger platform enables us to add widgets into our blog, thus making our site more attractive, interactive and reader-friendly. Here, I’ve prepared a list of useful resources where you can get those widgets. Actually, Blogger has it’s own list of gadgets but limited and sometimes we will not get widget that we are searching for.