20+ excellent Blogger blog designs for your inspiration

20+ excellent Blogger blog designs for your inspirationAll of us know that a blog’s design plays a great role in improving its traffic and pagerank. If the content of a blog is the king, then the blog design is the queen. Here is a collection of 20 well designed Blogger powered blogs for your inspiration.

I’ve missed something? Definitely! Let me know in the comments!

1. Insight

2. Dante Araujo

3. Woork

4. Blogger Buster

5. Themerious

6. Onedesignph

7. Minimal objective

9. Design for life

10. Ramesh Studios

11. Sama-sama-blog

12. Sketch blog

13. Compartamos Ideas 2.0

14. Meta microcosmos

15. Nox-mysterium

16. Flair in the City

17. Blog Amuki

18. Detruk

19. Complotito

20. Code-code-an

21. Nitesh Kothari

9 Replies to “20+ excellent Blogger blog designs for your inspiration”

  1. Rom, Techolo's design is amazing….I love the header and the sidebar the most!!! Great colour combination…I've added it into my next blog designs list.

    @Dhetemplate, thank you brother….

  2. @Lorna, The templates are not downloadable. I am just displaying some great blog designs for your inspiration.

  3. Hello Rom, I’m number 11!

    I found my blog here and it made me very happy. Thank you for adding my blog as inspiration, it means a lot!

    I’m gonna link you back in return. Nice blog, by the way!

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